Hi, I'm Paul Muir, the President and Founder of coXistence soaps, llc. 
Paul Muir pic
We provide #crueltyfree #vegan soaps made with #organic ingredients.. NO chemical detergents, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, preservatives, or surfactants that dry and irritate skin. Why put your skin through that when you can clean yourself with REAL soap? We use all natural plant oils, at least 70% of the oils used are certified organic and all are sustainably sourced. You can pronounce and recognize all our ingredients. We are cruelty free and vegan as certified by LeapingBunny.org, a partner in Cruelty Free International and with PeTA's Beauty Without Bunnies initiative. All our packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, just like the soap itself! Why search any further for this everyday luxury? 

MY HISTORY: After I graduated college with a Business degree, I went into health insurance Claims Operations and eventually to Internal Auditing. My position gave me the opportunity to travel the country frequently which was fun and exciting. I have always loved to cook and I always wanted to start my own business, sooo, I always thought it would be a restaurant or bistro. After all, my family was full of chefs and cooks that I learned so much from. One year, I made soap for Christmas gifts. It was such a success that making soap became a hobby and an addiction! I was at a place in my life where the opportunity presented itself - so I made the jump, with some drive, ambition and passion. With much practice (and many goofs), I started a small business using the best ingredients that I could find - sustainable plant oils, essential oils and as many organic ingredients I could find. coXistence soaps was born in 2017 as I opened up the workshop in Middletown - the rest is history. I create high quality luxury soaps that reduce our carbon footprint in our environment by lessening the plastic bottle waste of body washes - while still remaining a natural super hydrating moisturizer. We all need soap and we all need to coexist in this world.