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Coco-Castile (palm free, no color or scent)

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 This "Plain Jane" vegan bar consists of only two USDA certified organic oils - extra virgin olive and coconut.  There are no added scents, colors, chemicals or synthetics which makes it a perfect choice for sensitive, baby or elder skin types or for those who have problem skin issues like eczema, psoriasis or acne. The super moisturizing and conditioning attributes from the olive oil paired with the bubbly and cleansing abilities from the coconut oil make for an outstanding bar of real soap!  In history, castile soap originally meant that the soap was made with only olive oil which was great for the skin but did not have lathering properties. However, in recent times, castile soap now identifies soaps made with only vegetable oils. Made in the traditional cold process method, the natural glycerin byproduct of the soap making process is fully retained in the final bar. Glycerin locks in moisture and provides a barrier on your skin while also preventing over drying.  This bar is PALM FREE for the environmentally conscious for the controversies surrounding palm oil. This is the only bar in our collection that everyone can use!  Try a bar today, we think you'll agree.