Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated & Smooth

If you have dry, flaky skin during the winter months or all year long, here are some tips that can help provide some relief. When the skin loses it's ability to retain moisture, we run into problems if we don't try to combat the issue. You may find yourself slathering lotion or oils onto your skin all day long. Sometimes, your skin still gets irritated or flaky -- how frustrating, inconvenient and messy! You don’t need to live with dry or flaky skin. We are answering some of the big questions that we are asked most commonly to treat general skin dryness and common skin sensitivities. While these are generic tips to help, only your dermatologist can treat skin disorders.

AAD Tips for Dry Skin 

You may be using too many skin products OR using the wrong products! Keep your routine as simple as possible. Applying acne treatments, lotions, sunscreens, anti-wrinkle/anti-aging creams, foundations or other makeup or skin treatments -- especially using multiple products at the same time can cause breakouts, irritations, burning and redness and other issues. Starting with an unscented cleanser or a special soap, like our Oatmeal & Chamomile bar and following up with one or two products at a time. Most dermatologists would suggest unscented moisturizers and water-based sunscreens. If your skin requires many skin products, perhaps try spacing out products - applying some in AM and others in the PM.

skin hair cosmetics - which are giving irritation or sensitivity

Using products with the fewest ingredients or patch testing new products are helpful. Even introducing new products slowly can help identify the culprit ingredient! Do you know your skin irritation triggers - which ingredient(s) are doing harm to your skin? Your dermatologist can test for the most common skin allergies with a simple test, which is covered by most insurance. 

Dermatologist skin allergy patch test

Wash new clothes, towels and sheets before you use as many new textiles are treated with a formaldehyde resin to help prevent wrinkling and deter mildew, usually for cotton and polyester items. Not only should these articles be washed before use but using the right detergent is just as important. Look for detergents labelled as hypoallergenic, fragrance and dye free to further help avoid rashes, redness and itching. The same applies to fabric softener sheets or liquid. Even wearing loose, breathable fabrics such as cotton can help. For those with very dry skin, a humidifier may help for overnight skin hydration.

 new textiles and clothes are treated with chemicals like formaldehyde for wrinkles

Taking the refreshing long and hot showers feel great but they wreak havoc with your sensitive skin. This can actually dehydrate your skin further causing additional irritation! Warm water showers are best, limiting time to 10 minutes or less and using fragrance free soaps or cleaners. Over-washing or over-exfoliating can do harm as well, so limiting shower time can help avoid that. When your sensitive is cleaned and dried gently, apply a dermatologist suggested, or a fragrance free moisturizer or lotion to lock in the hydration.

 hot showers are dehydrating and drying! shower with warm water

Wash your face twice a day. Going to bed without removing makeup or other skin products on your face can cause blocked pores and further skin issues like acne! Rashes and itching can sometimes be avoided or kept to a minimum if a gentle, scent free cleanser or soap is used each night.

As we are built of mostly water, it is essential to drink plenty of water for skin hydration, in addition to moisturizers. It has been suggested that ointments, oils like jojoba or butters like shea, cocoa or mango can help nourish with their antioxidants. Lips are sometimes affected with dryness, leaving your pucker dry and chapped. Be sure to use lip balms such as our Lip Therapy collection to protect and keep your lips kissably soft.  Check out our blog on using the butters on your skin here

shea cocoa mango kokum butter

While these are basic guidelines for keeping skin irritations to a minimum, your dermatologist will have the best suggestions for your specific needs. 

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