COVID-19 - Stay Home & Safe

Wash your hands to the singing in your head the happy birthday song twice... 140 times a day. 😜  If you were lucky enough to get hand sanitizer, great!  Your hands must be so dry and chaffed that you don't know what to do, because ours are!  No soap will help that, so we are not trying to sell anything here. For dry skin all over, try the blog entry over here.  

Lotion and creams can help in-between handwashes, and that is our only advice. If you are adventurous, you can try a few drops of olive or coconut oil on your hands and rub in thoroughly. Keep on washing those hands every time you touch your eyes, nose or mouth, cough or sneeze... the only way to stay safe is to stay clean so we don't spread the COVID-19.  




Take heed to the federal or state requirements of staying home, if those are imposed upon you.  Only go out for the essentials, but not for one thing, have a list ready.  The less people out there, the better and keep in mind social distancing when you are near people, such as in the store.  Where we are, in Connecticut, there is an Executive Order by the Governor to:

Stay at Home, Stay Safe!!!

 Listen to the CDC's guidelines and keep in tuned with your local officials!  We want to reinforce washing your hands and to lotion them in between!  :)   Be safe!


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