4 Ways to get the most out of your COXISTENCE SOAPS


Allowing the new bar to “cure” for a few weeks or even a month or two before you use it can help. The bar has been cured before you receive it, but additional time will help the water content in the bar to continue to cure, allowing the bar to get harder – thus lasting longer in the shower. This trick should gain you a few extra showers out of the soap bar!  Some folks like to cut or slice the bar into pieces before they use the bar.  Smaller pieces would mean less water on the whole bar when taken into the bath or shower… less to get wet and dissolve.


Use a washcloth or loofah instead of your hands to wash, then put the bar away. Soap will continue to lather when used in a washcloth and loofah versus your hands, while using less soap. We tend to want to use our hands, but truth be told, soap doesn’t lather as well in the hands versus a cloth. When the water is in constant contact with the bar of soap, it will dissolve quicker.  A good lather on the cloth can last you a whole shower without wasting all the soap that your hands would waste.  A soap bag works well, too.  In addition to saving your soap, you get an exfoliating effect!  When soaps become small, toss them into a sisal or mesh soap bag and use when you have enough slivers in there... 


Keep the bar high & dry, out of the stream of water when not using.  Allow to drain and dry efficiently so it won’t encounter water until the next shower or bath.  The key is air flow around the bar so it will dry on its own.  If the bar sits on the low shelf in the shower, water can degrade the bar making it smaller and smaller!  Why would you want that to happen? Place it somewhere that won’t touch water until you want it to.


Allow the bar to dry in between uses. Use a draining or slotted soap dish so the bar doesn’t sit in water. That will begin to degrade the bar and by the time you shower again, the bottom will be mushy. We certainly don’t want you to waste a good thing!


Following a few simple steps to build into your routine will help you get the most out of your COXISTENCE SOAPS! 

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