20 Things You Can Do During COVID-19 Quarantine

If you're like us, you must be going stir crazy at this point, on Quarantine Day ??. Everything is seeming to blur into another, the days, weeks... To keep your mind going, you should not let it sit idle all day.  That's just not healthy, even though we are tempted to stay in bed all day with no work, nothing to do and no where to go. 

We have a list of 20 things you can do during this isolation period of COVID-19 quarantine that may help time go by a bit faster!  Some may not be appropriate for you but others should be!  :)


20  Read a book, write a journal on this pandemic on a day to day basis or even start a free blog of this experience 

19  Connect with friends or family virtually by phone or tablet

18  Learn a new language with Duolingo or similar app

17  Learn a new craft, how to draw, do pottery or take care of houseplants

16  Learn to or practice meditation or yoga

 girl meditate yoga


15  Play board or card games


14  Binge watch a series or watch one of those long movies that you've put off a long time (until now..)


13  Go for a socially distanced walk or run


12  COOK or BAKE!  Learn new recipes, cuisines or desserts


11  Try a new face care treatment including masks and moisturizers


10  Do a puzzle or play chess or backgammon


woman with peel off mask on her face


9  Write actual letters to your family or friends, then mail them!


8  Match all Tupperware lids to the bottoms, then throw out the leftovers!


7  Go through the clothes in your closet or dresser - time to donate?


6  Reflect on what you have accomplished in the past year, and what your goals are in the next year, after the quarantine is over


5  Fix those jiggly toilets, wobbly doorknobs, broken tiles, etc


door knob wobbly


4  Organize the spice rack in alphabetical order, or get wild and organize by cuisine!


3  Order some IKEA furniture and put that together


2  Apply for (or look for) a new job on Indeed or Monster


1  SLEEP!!  Get a great night's sleep every night. This keeps your immune system strong and helps to keep you safe from getting the coronavirus!


woman sleeping beauty rest


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