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I love these soaps! I am absolutely hooked. I bought the charcoal seaweed facial bar after buying high priced facial cleansers that burned my face and absolutely loved it. It doesn’t make you feel dry at all. I shower with these soaps daily and my skin doesn’t feel dry. Only feels clean!!

Elaine S.

Paul makes amazing soaps! And meeting him at his workspace (since I’m fortunate enough to be local) was a treat!! I’m happy to say I now have a soap guy 😂
Highly recommend, obviously. 👍

Kristina K.

Awesome soap! For soap that is guaranteed to be totally vegan and sensitive to those with allergies, this is the ONE to go with.  Expect excellent customer service, personal attention, and good quality product.  FIVE STARS in my book. Thank you Paul.

Diana G.

Vegan soap is the way to go! Thank you Paul for an amazing product! I recommend this product to the world! I am very happy with all these soaps!!!

William N.

fast shipping! bought this as a gift for myself and wow! i will need to stock up and want to try other kinds too. even my young boys wanted to use this soap. A+++++


Wow... I took advantage of a sale and I'm so happy I did. This soap has such a soft and creamy lather and I swear its got a healing property to it. omg It smells so good!! Will be ordering again.

Bonnie F.

I’m a very picky individual. I came across this company on Facebook. I love great products. I get sick of the same old thing. These soaps are great. I have very sensitive skin. I can use these. They lather up very well and are not overly scented. I tried the sample of the facial soap and love it too. So I ordered a couple of those. Always there with answers to any questions too. Once you try them you’ll be hooked!!!

Robert S.

Feels amazing on the skin.... fantastic scent.... can’t wait to try more! Loved the samples and candy that came with my order!

Daniel B.

My cousin from South Carolina stumbled on coXistence soaps. They are unbelievable. Smell great, leaves your skin clean yet soft.  I like the seaweed and charcoal soap the best

Lynell D.

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